By Sgt. Joel F. Gibson

13th Sustainment Command public affairs

The 13th Sustainment Command hosted a technology expo on Friday for units across Fort Hood at the Phantom Warrior Center.

The tech expo, put together by National Conference Services Inc., included 35 exhibitors. Among those were major technology companies such as Cisco Systems, Sprint Nextel, Xerox Corporation, Panasonic Computer Solutions Company and AT&T Mobility.

"The reason we come to Fort Hood, along with other military installations, is that we want to bring the companies to the individuals that are using the companies' products and newest technologies," said Shari Gorga, an NCSI event manager. "We know you guys are working so hard here and you can't always leave the area and go talk to different companies, so we bring everyone together in a central location."

Emtec Federal, formerly Westwood Computer Corporation, displayed their newest handheld PC data collector, the TDS Nomad, that is designed to be used in the field. The TDS Nomad runs the latest version of Windows Mobile, has e-mail capability, substitutes as a global positioning system and is currently being used by Marine Corps divisions in Iraq.

Patterson Fan was another company displaying their product.

"Our company has not sold any fans at Fort Hood, that's the reason I'm here at the expo today," said Bill Trakas, Patterson Fan national government supply activity representative. "I'm trying to get some exposure for our fans and hopefully we can get some people to see our fans," he said.

Patterson Fan sells industrial high-velocity fans primarily used in warehouses, hangars, supply depots, mechanic shops and any other place in need of quality fan units, said Trakas.

Patterson Fan had one of their bigger units on display at the expo. Next to the display Trakas had a fine-tooth comb for those who tested the fan's blowing and cooling capability and went away with set of messy hair.

"We should be one of the No. 1 sellers of fans in the world," Trakas said. "Patterson Fan has national stock numbers for some of our different units.

We have a spreadsheet we look at every year and when I look at Fort Hood, I see Fort Hood is in need of some quality industrial fans and ours are the best fans on the planet, amp for amp."

Some of the soldiers and civilians at the expo were in search of new solutions for their offices or shops.

"I'm basically here at the tech expo to check out what kind of new technology is being offered by the different vendors, mostly computer equipment and possibly some different options for security for the 13th Sustainment Command's network," said Staff Sgt. James Wessel, an information security noncommissioned officer with the command's Headquarters and Headquarters Company.

"I've got some really good literature, so that I can present my shop with some different options for security, which will come in handy especially when the 13th Sustainment Command deploys," Wessel said.

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