By D. A. Jamieson

407TH Army Field Support Brigade

During the month of October, the 407th Army Field Support Brigade conducted two officer promotions.

The Brigade Commander, Col. Rebecca W. Jones promoted both officers from Major to Lieutenant Colonel in two separate promotion ceremonies held at the 407th Army Field Support Brigade Headquarters.

After the posting of the promotion orders on Oct. 1, Lt. Col. Stephen Knotts received his new rank insignia from Jones and Beth Knotts, his wife.

Knotts' three daughters, Charlotte, 11, Katie, 9, and Lydia, 5 were involved, replacing their father's Class B shoulder epaulets and rank insignia on his beret.

During this same ceremony, Jones administered the oath of commissioning to the newly promoted lieutenant colonel.

Knotts is presently the 407th AFSB Brigade Deputy Support Operations Officer.

Lt. Col. Audrey Ransom wanted her event to be very special and chose to postpone her promotion ceremony to Oct. 15 to ensure those who are a big part of her life could attend her promotion ceremony.

Jones officiated the promotion ceremony at the brigade headquarters; Maj. Wilton Ransom (Spouse) and Pastor Phyllis Sawyer (Decatur, Alabama) pinned on her new rank insignia worn on her service dress jacket.

Ransom's three daughters also in attendance, Brittany, 8, Tiara, 7, and Hannah, 4, replaced the epaulets (shoulder insignia) worn on her shirt and rank insignia on the beret.

Ransom is presently the deputy commander, Logistics Support Element (LSE) 13 Expeditionary Sustainment Command, 4th Army Field Support Battalion, 407th AFSB.

Knotts and Ransom were deeply honored by those in attendance to their individual promotion ceremonies.

Both officers thanked their families for their support.

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