By Matt Goodman

Fort Hood Herald

The Texas Department of Transportation is planning to continue widening U.S. Highway 190, from Fort Hood's Bernie Beck Main Gate to Farm-to-Market 2410 in Harker Heights.

Next month, TxDOT plans to finish expanding the highway from four to six lanes starting in Copperas Cove and ending at the post's main gate, or Spur 172.

The department mailed letters this week to property owners along the highway from the post's main gate to FM 2410 asking permission to survey the property for planning purposes.

Planning for the latest segment is still in its infancy so TxDOT does not yet know how the widening will affect property owners.

TxDOT plans to expand U.S. 190 from four lanes to six lanes, beginning at the main gate to W.S. Young Drive. After this segment is complete, planning will start on widening the highway to FM 2410.

Ken Roberts, TxDOT spokesman, expects the first segment of the project to be ready for construction companies to bid on by late 2010.

"It's just some surveying being done," he said. "The planning will continue and then there will be a lot of work taking place with our designers and planners … until the project is ready to bid."

The widening could mean that frontage roads will need to be realigned and widened as well. Existing bridges at highway interchanges may need to be reconstructed, and drivers might see additional bridges built along the expansion segment, Roberts said.

But again, the plan is still in its infancy. Before funding options appear, TxDOT will begin design work and planning before presenting the plan to affected municipalities for input.

Roberts said TxDOT had no timeline for when construction would begin.

This is the next portion of TxDOT's plan to widen the highway from Copperas Cove to the Interstate 35 interchange.

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