By Anthony Scott

Fort Hood Herald

The sound of fighters slamming to the mat echoed off the walls of Abrams gym Friday night at the III Corps 2011 Combatives Tournament Championship Finals.

Each first- and third-place individual fighter in the tournament is given the chance to represent Fort Hood in April at the All-Army Combatives Tournament at Fort Benning, Ga., where Fort Hood's III Corps team won the 2010 All-Army title.

The fight of the night was the final match where Brandon Minor defeated Marcus Williams for the heavyweight title, with the audience clearly siding with Minor as they chanted his name throughout the high energy bout.

Minor started the fight by throwing his opponent to the ground several times, but each time Williams would manage to get to his feet. After a third time of being tossed to the ground, Minor forced Williams into submission.

"He kept his composure when I hit him," he said. "A lot of heavy weights, once they get hit, they kind of lose their composure. They kind of get upset and try to rush it. I was planning on him rushing me but he kept his composure. So I had to find something up my sleeve."

There was a large imbalance in size. The 6 foot 2 inch Minor weighed in at 281 pounds. Williams, 5 feet 8 inches, weighed in at about 230 pounds.

"I hit him a couple good times and his head stayed strong," Minor said. "Like I said, if I couldn't get him with the stand up game, I thought I'd take him down to the ground and submit him. I guess Plan B worked, so I had to go with that one."

Fort Hood's combatives tournament lasted from Jan. 25 to 28. Overall, 48th Chemical Brigade won the tournament with a score of 294, followed closely by 41st Fires Brigade in second place with 278. Resiliency Campus came in third with 249.

"Some of the stuff we always say, 'others train to fight in cages, we train in a cage to fight in a war,'" said Chris Perkins, a III Corps combatives director who was at the fight. "We do hand-to-hand because it's the true essence of the warrior."

Tournament results

In the bantamweight division, Spc. Yazmary Gonzales defeated Pfc. Tianna Burn by unanimous vote after three rounds for third. Spc. Simon Flores Pequeno defeated Cpl. Jodi Brady in the first round, taking first.

In the flyweight division, Spc. Joshua Brown defeated Sgt. Mitchell Bruner in the first round, taking third place. Sgt. 1st Class Jesse Thorton defeated Spc. Dre Jackson in the second round taking first.

In lightweight division, Pfc. Ricky Gavigan beat out Sgt. James Dunlop in the second round for third. Pvt. Jacob Godoy defeated Staff Sgt. Kevin Jones in the second round for first.

In the welterweight division, Sgt. 1st Class Ryan Hunt defeated Pvt. Daniel Moore in the third round for third. Spc. Ray Rodriguez defeated Spc. Timothy Hayes in the first round for first.

In the middleweight division, Sgt. Philip Platt defeated Spc. Brian Schmitt in the first round for third. Spc. John McDonald defeated Spc. Justin Jagush in the first round for first.

In the cruiserweight division, Sgt. Jerome Thomas defeated Spc. Jorge Luis Acevedo in the second round for third. Spc. Brandon Farmer defeated Lt. Frank Edmunds in the first round for first.

In the light heavyweight division, Pvt. Corey Charles defeated Pfc. Jimmy Chavez in the second round for third. Staff Sgt. Trenton Olson defeated Spc. Justin Vargas in the first round for first.

In the heavyweight division, Spc. Nathaniel Brown defeated Spc. Warran Jackson in the second round for third. Spc. Brandon Minor defeated Pvt. Marcus Williams in the first round for first.

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