Ever had trouble finding the time to go look at houses when you are about to move to a new area? Tim Carrenger may have a solution that could make the process much easier.

Carrenger and his chief operating officer, Chris Sepulveda, have been working on this for about a month and they have high aspirations for the company. Sepulveda is a realtor with a masters in business administration as well as retired U.S. Army. On the company’s goals, Carrenger said, “Our goal is to have an all encompassing all-in-one platform for the real estate industry.”

Carrenger has worked with Microsoft in creating a software that allows someone to walk around a prospective home without having to be there. This app has been designed to help active duty military in the moving process from one location to the next. Carrenger said they want to, “alleviate and break the period of time when they get to Fort Hood or Fort Bliss, or wherever they are in the United States or around the world to be able to stay out of a hotel ultimately and be able to move into their place and be able to transition to their new duty location.”

Both Carrenger and Sepulveda have been in the military and Carrenger still serves today. Carrenger is working toward getting real estate properties in Killeen as currently they only have listings in El Paso.

The biggest problem that Hooknest wants to fix is that military personnel just do not have the time to go from property to property looking at houses when they are working and trying to settle into a new base.

The website vr.hooknest.com has a spot for military spouse blogs where the spouses can communicate to new families moving in about the area they should try and live based on what unit they are apart of.

Don Bucher is retired military and a friend of Carrenger and he said he moved here in 2005 and he spent four different days over different weekends looking at 10-15 houses and with the VR software he probably could have done that in a couple of hours.

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