While growing up in Fort Wayne, Ind., Sgt. Jovan Davis’s father taught him how to diagnose and fix various vehicles with a fair amount of accuracy.

As a soldier, Davis supervises fellow mechanics and repairs faults on military vehicles, ensuring their operational capability.

As an all-wheel vehicle mechanic with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st “Centurion” Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Davis assists soldiers assigned to the brigade’s Headquarters and Headquarters Troop with conducting preventive maintenance checks and services on their unit’s vehicles.

Davis said he wasn’t a hands-on mechanic type of person but his father, who is deaf, would, on occasion, bring him to work to listen for car problems. They would communicate by signing to validate and correct the issue, which is how he was introduced to mechanics.

Later in life, Davis said he was turned on to the Army by his cousin and eventually tested for and joined the Army as a mechanic for the educational opportunities.

Davis then attended a total of 40 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., and was sent to Germany for his first assignment.

When asked what he likes about being a mechanic, the seven-year Army veteran said it’s the calmness he gets by working one on one with an engine.

“If it’s a big job, I like to work by myself, I like to work at my own pace,” Davis said.

As a junior soldier, he said he was known as a slow worker, but each job he finished was done correctly the first time and completed on time.

Davis said, as a mechanic, he likes to share his knowledge of maintenance with soldiers who are willing to learn.

To further his maintenance knowledge and Army career, 27-year-old Davis said he has plans to get promoted to staff sergeant and submit a packet to become an automotive maintenance warrant officer.

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