Operation Warlord Event III

Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, soldiers unload a deployable rapid assembly area shelter tent at the deployment readiness reaction field for the start of Operation Warlord Event III on July 22.

Sgt. Christopher A. Calvert | U.S. Army

Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division conducted Operation Warlord Event III at the deployment readiness reaction field July 22 to Aug. 2.

During the event, the “Warlords” Company tested its confidence and knowledge by conducting command post operations in order to support the commander and subordinate battalions.

“This is a chance for everybody to validate their systems for a wartime mission,” said the company’s 1st Sgt. Fernanda Redwine. “It’s no easy feat. These soldiers are executing 24-hour operations while laboring in the heat to ensure that if we’re called upon in the future, we’ll be ready to roll out for a deployment.”

Operation Warlord Event III is serving as Air Cav’s mission command system integration, syncing together its system network, personnel, information systems, processes and procedures, facilities and equipment. Redwine said troopers from many staff sections must unite and share their knowledge with fellow soldiers for Event III to be successful.

“There will be operations during Event III that utilize manpower and expertise from all of our soldiers,” Redwine said. “This is a combined effort, and all of our soldiers are coming together to ensure that when we end the exercise, all of our systems are truly validated.”

Soldiers will not only validate their equipment, but also their military decision-making processes, while also performing tactical and security operations and base camp sustainment throughout the exercise.

“A key part of this operation is that we validate our soldiers,” said Capt. Monique Allen, company commander. “We will test our standard operating procedures and our battle drills as we merge our systems and personnel together.”

Event III has been planned for more than seven months, and the company has used that time to gather the resources and train subject matter experts on how to efficiently set up and run a command post.

Allen said Event III is the “run” phase for soldiers to perform at 100 percent, as Events I and II served as the “crawl” and “walk” phases to work out any kinks in January and February.

“This is our culminating event,” Allen said. “In Event I, we learned from our civilian counterparts while identifying new soldiers to the company who needed training. In Event II, we began conducting (military decision making process), tactical operations center operations and battle drills. For this event, all of our staff sections are working seamlessly together as a team to meet all requirements.”

After months of training and preparation, Allen said she is impressed by her “Warlords” and how they’ve worked together during the entire process.

“So far all challenges have been avoided, thanks to the staff sections working together,” Allen said. “These soldiers are doing a tremendous job and I’m very proud of their hard work.”

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