Proposal pushes services to use common camo

Service-specific camouflage will be outlawed if the House Armed Services Committee has its way.

The committee approved an amendment June 5 that would require troops from each branch of service to wear a common camouflage pattern no later than October 2018.

The Government Accountability Office recommended such action for years, and the plan has moderate Pentagon support. But it’s not a done deal.

Read all about it in this week’s Army Times, on sale now.

Boards screen senior NCOs for promotion, QSP

Selection boards convened June 3 to consider senior noncommissioned officers of the Regular Army and Army Reserve for advanced schooling, promotion and command sergeant major appointments.

The boards also are screening master sergeants in more than 60 military occupational specialties for possible involuntary separation under the Qualitative Service Program.

The QSP is a force-shaping tool for the drawdown that focuses on senior NCOs of the Regular Army and Active Guard and Reserve (Army Reserve) who are at or near retirement eligibility — but who are in specialties that will be overstrength or have limited promotion opportunity, or both — as the Army gets smaller.

Get the details in the Monday issue of Army Times, on newsstands now.

Reservists trade in active duty for early retirement

National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers who have served nontraining active-duty tours over the past five years have been accumulating credits that can significantly reduce their eligibility age for retirement benefits, according to officials with Human Resources Command.

While the little-known entitlement was authorized by Congress in 2008, most soldiers who qualify for the benefit are only now coming into the window of eligibility, officials said.

Learn more in the latest issue of Army Times.

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