Huge bonuses, faster promotions to go spec ops

Army Competitive Category lieutenant colonels who want to compete for command and key billet positions that become vacant in fiscal 2015 must formally “opt-in” for the boards that meet in August and September, under new rules that apply to the command selection system.

The same rules will apply to the ACC colonel-level command and key billet boards that meet in January. The Army has not yet defined rules for the special branches command boards.

Officers who opt in for the upcoming boards will compete in all categories and subcategories for their skill area. Officers can prioritize the subcategories for which they are eligible, as well as units projected to have fiscal 2015 vacancies for those subcategories.

Find out more in the July 15 issue of Army Times, on sale now.

Rules cut loopholes for body fat

A major revision of Army Regulation 600-9 imposes strict rules for dealing with overweight soldiers.

Don’t worry — the height/weight scale hasn’t changed, though leadership now requires all scales used for weight measurement to be calibrated annually for accuracy.

The change: No loopholes anymore. Policies and All Army Activities are brought under one umbrella with specific requirements on soldiers and commands.

Read all about it in this week’s Army Times, on newsstands now.

Longer tours, fewer moves loom

Congress is ratcheting up pressure on the Pentagon to save money on permanent change-of-station moves, a change that could have a far-reaching impact on military life, careers and culture.

Individual troops who know all too well the hassles of PCS moves — whether to buy or sell a house, where the kids will go to school, whether a spouse can find work — may welcome the prospect of fewer moves and longer tours.

But for the military at large, altering the timeline for typical assignments could bring fundamental and unprecedented revisions to the way careers progress, the way leaders are selected and the way units are managed.

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