Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center’s Behavioral Health Department is accepting artwork admissions for its third annual Soldier and Family Art Show, which will officially debut May 30 at this year’s Behavioral Health Fair.

The art show is open to all soldiers, veterans, spouses and dependent children, said Stacy Nelson, a Darnall licensed clinical social worker and supervisor of the Social Work Care Manager Program.

Nelson said the show has seen great success in previous years.

“We had approximately 35 entries in last year’s show,” she said. “Many of the pieces that were submitted were remarkably thought-provoking, heartbreaking or inspiring.”

Art has long been considered therapeutic in nature.

“Individuals who have entered have really appreciated the opportunity to share their talent and their ‘message’ with the community. Visitors to the exhibit give great feedback, praise and encouragement to the artists using small comment cards we have provided,” Nelson said.

In the past, the art show was only open to soldiers who submitted photographs, poetry, drawings, paintings or sculptures. This year, the hospital decided to open the event to a wider group of people.

“Submissions must accompany an official application, which contains a release that needs to be signed. We also request that applicants write a brief description of their piece, which will be displayed with their art,” Nelsen said.

After being displayed at Darnall’s behavioral health fair on May 30, the artwork can be viewed in the hospital’s front lobby and the dining facility until June 7.

Entries must be dropped off by Friday, with a completed application, at the Apache Arts and Crafts Center, Building 2337, 62nd Street and 761st Tank Battalion Avenue. All submitted artwork will be returned to the contributing artists. Pieces may be picked up after June 11 at Apache Arts and Crafts Center.

For more information, contact Stacy Nelsen at (254) 535-1519 or

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