Soldiers Hospitality House

Chaplains, soldiers, and families are entertained at 'Concert on the Lawn' performed by Kat & Jared Hartmann- of platinum-selling international rock band, Flyleaf - perform with The Wellington Cooperative during a benefit concert for Soldiers Hospitality House. Directors, Melody and Ben Bloker's son, Ian, is a student at Central TX Christian School, serving as their connection with The Wellington Coop and Kat & Jared are worship leaders at Bethel Church in Temple, TX. As a non-profit missionary of Cadence International, SHH is hoping to raise funds for a new roof and other amenities for the soldiers that benefit from this 'Home away from home' missionary.

Kim Stock | Herald

KILLEEN — Soldiers and community members were treated to a benefit concert featuring Kat and Jared from the band Flyleaf and The Wellington Cooperative on Saturday at The Soldier’s Hospitality House.

This hospitality house, part of a ministry of Cadence International, provides a “home away from home” for the Fort Hood military community and runs primarily on donations, said Ben Bloker, co-owner of the house.

Bloker is a U.S. Air Force veteran who developed a deep respect for soldiers after deploying with them several times throughout his career, he said.

The house offers weekly bible studies, day trips, games and home cooked meals. It also features a huge kitchen, sleeping areas, game room, basketball court, a pavilion, a mile track and a prayer board — where the names of deployed soldiers are written on and prayed over each night. Then when the soldier returns, they can come erase their name from the board.

With the money raised from the concert, Bloker said he hopes to continue expanding their outdoor ministry area. They also hope to continue adding to their retreat capabilities.

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