The 8th Brigade Engineer “Trojan Horse” Battalion returned to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, during an activation ceremony June 17 at Black Jack Field.

The Trojan Horse Battalion replaces the 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion. The “Spartans” battalion has served with the brigade since 2005, providing assets such as engineers, military intelligence and communications.

Trojan Horse was first activated with the brigade in July 1917 when the brigade was known as the 15th Cavalry Division. The battalion later served with the 1st Cavalry Division and 36th Engineer Brigade conducting campaigns in the Philippines, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Trojan Horse adds to a new chapter for Black Jack as it brings engineer expertise to the brigade level, something not seen since 2004 when engineer resources within brigades were reorganized, said Col. Robert Whittle Jr., former brigade commander.

“The battalion will ensure future success for Black Jack,” he said. “(The 8th Brigade Engineer Battalion) brings with them engineers who can provide full support at all echelons.”

Lt. Col. Don Nestor, Trojan Horse commander, said his unit will provide a robust staff who bring experience in route clearance, vehicle assault breaching and construction squads, better preparing the battalion to conduct combined arms operations.

Nestor said the transformation does not diminish the tremendous value of the 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion. In fact, it continues to show the same dedication and success the Spartans have always brought to the team.

“(Trojan Horse) is a capable battalion that is just as dedicated as the Spartans to making Black Jack a success,” Nestor said.

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