From left, Capt. Cory Guenther, commander, Bravo Battery, and 1st Sgt. Nakia Way, first sergeant, Bravo Battery, both with 3rd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, offer a final salute in memory of Spc. Jamie Schnider during a Nov. 5 memorial ceremony. Schnider died Oct. 4 in Killeen.

U.S. Army/Sgt. Quentin Johnson

With pews filled with soldiers and civilians, quiet sobs came from family and friends of Spc. Jamie Schnider as they entered the chapel.

The 3rd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, hosted a memorial Nov. 5 to pay last respects to Schnider at the Ironhorse Chapel.

Schnider died Oct. 4 from a gunshot wound in Killeen.

He arrived at Fort Hood after completing Basic and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sill, Okla., and was a cannon crewmember with Bravo Battery. He deployed twice to Iraq.

Schnider, like many, left a void within his battalion, especially with his “one of a kind” personality, said Capt. Cory Guenther, battery commander.

“Many of us have been touched in some way or another by Jamie’s high octane, rambunctious and infectious personality, which made us better for knowing him,” Guenther said.

In addition to his personality, Schnider possessed the unique quality of an “unwavering dedication and selflessness to his duty,” he said.

Those qualities poured over into his service to his country, Guenther said. “As (the battalion) transitioned from combat in Iraq to field artillery gunnery in Kuwait, Schnider’s ‘can do’ attitude made an impact on the entire battery.”

“Schnider was a highly motivated soldier and always eager to learn,” said Staff Sgt. Christian Fields, battery section chief. “With (Schnider) there was never a dull moment. ... He had a great attitude and liked by just about everyone in the battery.”

Spc. Zachary Ramsey was a cannon crewmember with Schnider. “Schnider was not only a great soldier, but awesome friend and brother,” he said. “He always spoke about how amazing his family is.”

Lt. Col. Winston Brooks, battalion commander, said Schnider was loved by his family and many others and as an example, represents the sons, brothers and fathers that continue to serve in or support our team and nation.

“(Schnider) would want each and every one of you to wake up, and be the best soldier you can without accepting defeat in any task or mission given,” Brooks said.

Guenther finished his speech with these words, “Spc. Schnider, you will never be forgotten as a member of the Bravo Battery team. May God bless Schnider, his family and all fellow soldiers.”

Schnider is survived by his father, stepmother, brother and three sisters.

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