Soldiers from 13th Sustainment Command hosted a group of 17 Boy Scouts and leaders from Troop 838 in Dallas for a tour of Fort Hood on April 27.

During their visit, the Boy Scouts experienced the 1st Cavalry Division’s Horse Cavalry Detachment, toured the 1st Cavalry Division Museum, participated in a combatives demonstration and challenged themselves at the 3rd Cavalry Regiment’s obstacle course.

Staff Sgt. Roberto Rodriguez, the Scouts’ guide for the day and a water treatment noncommissioned officer from the command, said he designed the itinerary to both entertain and challenge the young Scouts.

“I hope they have a better understanding of what soldiering is about, and hopefully they see us more as normal people than just what they’ve seen in movies,” Rodriguez said.

“The first part of the Boy Scout Oath is ‘On my honor, I’ll do my best to do my duty to God and my country’ and I think these trips help further instill patriotism among our scouts,” said Grahan Gardner, a Troop 838 leader who helped organize the trip. “Time will tell who will decide to go into the military, but this helps instill passion for patriotism and service to our country.”

Gardner said he and the Boy Scouts enjoyed their visit and look forward to future opportunities to visit Fort Hood.

He said the Boy Scouts try to take a camping trip monthly throughout the year, but always try to reserve one weekend per year to visit Fort Hood.

“This is one of our most popular trips for the troop; we look forward to coming back next year,” Gardner said. “The Army and Fort Hood, has been great over the years, and it has been rewarding to be able to come back year after year.”

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