Children drive Golf Fore Education

Eric Maxwell, vice president of American Reconstruction Services, putts with a hockey stick and gloves at the Friday-the-13th themed hole during the 2013 Golf Fore Education Tournament on Sept. 13 at the Courses of Clear Creek.

Sgt. Tracy R. Myers | U.S. Army

The Fort Hood Family Housing’s 2013 Golf Fore Education Tournament raised more than $23,000 to benefit the children of military families and their neighboring community Sept. 13, thanks to 95 registered golfers, 27 corporate sponsors and local business contributions.

The Killeen Independent School District Education Foundation and the Military Child Education Coalition both received funds to assist in their missions to advance education.

“Every year we support two organizations, both of which are near and dear to Fort Hood Housing,” said Marvin Williams, Fort Hood Family Housing director of property management.

The education coalition is a nonprofit organization focused on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation and transition.

Fort Hood’s Family Housing also gave back to the community by promoting the growth and success of our surrounding community. The KISD Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to enhance educational opportunities for students and teachers of Killeen public schools.

“The children, they are the real winners,” Williams said. “All the money raised goes directly to these foundations, and they support our children in so many ways.”

Education is the foundation of the future, said Hal Schiffman, tournament participant and KISD Education Foundation board of directors member.

Accomplishment is based on preparation, and preparation is a component of education as well as in the game of golf.

“You can only do so much as a parent,” said Cynthia Adams, golfer and mother of three. “You teach them and guide them and then let them go off into the world. If you provide them with good schools and good programs, they will excel.”

Seeing all the golfers on the course confirmed to her people take education seriously and support a better future.

“It was a phenomenal way to support our children,” Williams said. “It’s so great to see so many folks care about supporting our education systems as well as the students.”

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