First Army Division West held its first Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness course for its command teams last week.

“(The course) is a primary component of the Army’s Ready and Resilience Campaign Plan,” said Maj. Jeffery C. Johnson, medical operations officer at the division. “The mission is to build and maintain ready and resilient soldiers, Army civilians, and soldier families.”

Concepts of a ready and resilient Army family include having the mental, physical, emotional and behavioral ability to face and cope with adversity, adapt to change, recover, learn and grow from setbacks, Johnson said of the campaign.

“This is about having ready and resilient families,” said Maj. Gen. Warren E. Phipps Jr., division commander. “I want to empower every soldier in the division with tools to become better than when they arrived.”

Phipps said a large percentage of soldier problems are with personal relationships, due to too many geographical bachelors.

“I am excited about building life skills that lead to tranquility in the household,” he said. “There is a great need for family readiness.”

Johnson said the executive course brings skills to those who have the responsibility of enforcing standards and creating a climate of resilience.

“It is designed to train Army leaders and familiarize them with the same resilience and performance enhancement skills master resilience trainers provide soldiers, family members and Army civilians,” he said.

“ArmyFit” is (the courses’s) online training environment for soldiers, family members and Army civilians. After completion of the Global Assessment Tool, users are placed in the “ArmyFit” environment and are provided with tailored videos, information and people/organizations to follow based on their GAT 2.0 scores.

The new assessment tool can be found at and is designed for increased participation through an easy-to-sign-on website.

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