Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

Oct. 4

A daughter, Sofia Marie Burke, to Daniel Burke and Jocelyn Pelayo, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Malik Devontae, to Raymond and Alicia Craytor, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Bryce Easton, to Justin and Stacy Nichols, 15th Military Intelligence Battalion.

A daughter, Neraeh Lynn, to Julian and Victoria Williams, 1st Cavalry Division.

Oct. 5

A son, Parker Bennett, to Sean and Dana Owen, 1st Medical Brigade.

A female, Kira Denise, to Ryan and Tamika Perry, 13th Sustainment Command.

A son, Orion James, to Jon and Saharra Jonsson, 1st Cavalry Division.

Oct. 6

A daughter, Alexandra Elizabeth, to Matthew and Andrea Kelly, 48th Chemical Brigade and III Corps.

A daughter, Sofia Madeleine, to Devin and Melissa Diaz, 79th Ordnance Battalion.

A daughter, Liberty Skylar, to Jamar and Tiesha Coles, 41st Fires Brigade.

Oct. 7

A daughter, Emily Patricia, to Justin and Jennifer Harper, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Owen Andrew, to Jeremiah and Amanda Yaden, 1st Cavalry Division.

Oct. 8

A son, William Gage Landon, to Jeffery and Pamela Olsen II, 21st Cavalry Brigade.

A daughter, Olivia Abigail, to Jacob and Elizabeth Kavanagh, 48th Chemical Brigade.

A daughter, Ariana Kyra Jai, to James and Melissa Beckman, 1st Cavalry Division.

Oct. 9

A son, Khyree JaRese Durham, to Tony Durham Jr. and Detra Simmons, 13th Sustainment Command.

A daughter, Marli Helen, to Justin and Kristin Pennington, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

Oct. 10

A son, King David Earl Jr., to David and Jaissa Davis, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Jackson Jace, to Cory and Lacie Harton, 1st Cavalry Division.

Compiled by Rolana Frank

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