The Texas Army National Guard Maneuver Area Training Equipment Site was honored at Fort Hood during the Hood Hero award ceremony for outstanding environmental stewardship.

MATES was recognized over 48 other battalion-sized or larger units by Fort Hood’s Directorate of Public Works said Glenn Collier, Fort Hood environmental protection specialist. Public works conducts regular environmental inspections at these maintenance facilities. Based on results from these inspections, environmental protection specialists determine who will be recognized for outstanding environmental stewardship.

“MATES was selected as a result of a continued commitment to upholding environmental standards and policies. They don’t just get cleaned up and look pretty for inspections, they stay that way all the time,” Collier said.

Don Melton, regional environmental specialist for the Texas Military Forces, said the environmental management system follows policies and guidance set at the federal, state and local levels.

“This high standard ensures consistency in the program. The soldiers recycle almost everything,” he said.

It’s about a commitment to the environmental program, visibility on the program, and making good environmental habits simple and easy to maintain said Texas Army National Guard Col. Stanley Goloboff, deputy chief of staff of logistics.

“This shop is an example of every one of our (Texas Army National Guard) maintenance facilities. The same level of environmental stewardship that is going on at MATES is going on in all of our (124) facilities,” Goloboff said.

The practice of recycling and disposing of waste immediately is what keeps these shops so clean said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Ryan Ramsey, the MATES environmental officer-in-charge. This prevents shops from accumulating waste, resulting in a clean working environment.

This isn’t the first time MATES has been recognized for outstanding environmental stewardship.

In 2012, MATES received the highest state environmental award, the HONDO award, for excellence in environmental stewardship said Texas Army National Guard Maj. John Hutka, MATES superintendent.

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