Troops in the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team “Greywolf,” First Cavalry Division have trained for a year to prepare for their deployment to South Korea.

Around 4,000 troops are ready to go to South Korea from Fort Hood.

The brigade held its color casing ceremony at Fort Hood on Thursday.

The ceremony “signifies that the brigade or the headquarters is moving from Fort Hood over to a deployed location,” Col. Kevin Capra, commander of the brigade, said.

The deployment is a part of regular rotation to the Korean Peninsula in accordance with the mutual security agreement with the Republic of Korean allies, Capra said. The brigade will replace a brigade from the 1st Armored Division.

“In January and February we’ve been working very heavily on our gunnery exercises, as well as the maintenance of our equipment to prepare to go to Korea,” Capra said.

Getting the systems from Fort Hood back into place once they arrive in Korea will be the most challenging part of the deployment, according to Capra. “In the first couple weeks that’s what we’re really focused on is getting our systems ready, receiving our equipment and then preparing it for operations once we get into Korea.”

Some of the soldiers will be in Camp Humphreys in the south-central part of South Korea and some of the brigade will be at Camp Hovey and Camp Casey which are located farther north of Seoul, according to Capra.

“We are the most well prepared and ready brigade combat team in the United States Army. It’s going to be an incredible opportunity to deploy and work with our Republic of Korean allies. It’s just gonna be a great nine month rotation,” Capra said.

The troops will begin to deploy in smaller groups in about a week or two until they have all arrived in Korea.

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