The 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood has a newly renovated headquarters to perform daily operations from.

For the past three years the division was located in a temporary location while renovation was taking place.

The renovations cost around $62 million, according to Chief Warrant Officer 3 Edgar Espiritu.

“Our headquarters is completely renovated and modernized to suit the requirements of a 21st century army,” division commander Maj. Gen. Paul T. Calvert said.

The first version of the headquarters was built in 1983 but much has changed since then, Calvert said. The Army, the global environment and technology are very different now. “People from around the world communicate vastly different today than we did 36 years ago,” Calvert said. The military needs to be able to communicate, plan and operate at much faster speeds because of the internet, social media and other new technologies, according to Calvert.

One of the new innovations that allows the Army to communicate better and at faster speeds is the Combat Operations Intelligence Center. It is one of the biggest additions with the renovations. The center allows the division to connect with all of their units from around the world and stay in contact with them. “It allows us in real time to train how we would fight,” said Lt. Col. Chris Brautigam, the spokesman for the division. All of the various networks that are in combat operations are connected through the center.

Brautigam served in Fort Hood four years ago in the same headquarters before it was renovated. “Facilities are cleaner, provides better access infrastructure and better space, more space for us to do our operations and those operations will allow us to be more ready, a more modern force and really get after being the most lethal division in the world everyday,” Brautigam said.

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