McBride Promotion

Tre McBride, left, and his sister Taylor, right, promote their father, Col. Douglas McBride to the rank of General on Friday, March 24, 2017 at the Fort Hood Events Center. Tre McBride was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2015 and is in his third year with the NFL.

Soldiers, family and friends filled the Fort Hood Community Events Center on Friday afternoon to witness the promotion of Col. Douglas M. McBride Jr. to brigadier general.

III Corps and Fort Hood s commander Lt. Gen. Sean B. MacFarland, host of the event, called the promotion “a big deal. We only have over 300 general officers ... and we pick up about 40 brigadier generals each year,” he said.

McBride, ceremonially pinned by MacFarland, McBride’s wife Pamela, son Tre and daughter Taylor, was also presented with the general officer belt, a 9mm beretta pistol, brigadier general flag and the “Last Round” of an 11-artillery cannon salute.

According to the event program, Pamela is a senior analyst with the U.S. Treasury. Tre plays football for the Tennessee Titans and Taylor is a senior at Ola High School in McDonough, Ga.

Over 30 members of McBride’s extended family were also in attendance.

“Fort Hood is a great and appropriate place for Doug (McBride) (to be promoted),” said MacFarland.

McBride was born on Fort Hood in 1968 while his father was assigned to the 2nd Armored Division. His Army career also began here as an electrical maintenance platoon leader for Charley Company, 27th Main Support Battalion, Division Support Command, First Cavalry Division, in November 1989. Additionally, Tre was born in the old Carl R. Darnell Hospital in 1992 and Pamela began her career working for the Central Texas Council of Governments as a job training specialist for at-risk youth at Ellison High School.

McBride took command of the 13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command on June 3, 2016.

“If you look at the old pictures of when Fort Hood was Camp Hood with the old wooden signs that were at the gate saying, ‘Welcome to Camp Hood,’ there is one patch that’s been here all through ... the 13th ... and other than III Corps Headquarters is the oldest organization on Fort Hood,” said MacFarland.

The 13th ESC was activated on Fort Hood in September 1965 as the 13th Support Brigade. As the nation’s involvement in Vietnam increased, it was tasked with training technical services units to assume combat service support missions in Southeast Asia.

MacFarland also explained that as a general officer the responsibilities move from representing a specific command to representing the entire Army.

“I’ll tell you some do it better than others as we have seen in the newspapers. Not all of our generals reflect great credit and honor upon the United States Army,” he continued. “I have no fears on that score when it comes to Doug.”

As the promotion ceremony ended, McBride took time to thank God, friends, family and Army community that helped form him into the man he is today.

“To say I’m full of emotion and joy at this point would be a severe understatement,” said McBride. “I’m truly humbled by this momentous occasion for my family. It’s truly an honor.”

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