KUWAIT — The Supply Support Activities Platoon of Foxtrot Company, 1st Battalion 44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, was awarded the prestigious Department of the Army Supply Excellence Award for fiscal year 2013. The award is given annually to the best and most qualified supply activity in the entire Army.

The platoon’s accomplishments stood out above all others competing for the award. The most notable achievement was earning the U.S. Army Forces Command Supply Excellence Award for fiscal year 2012. The platoon installed a help desk and created a library containing pictures and national stock numbers to provide more accurate assistance for customers.

“I feel this is an excellent achievement for the soldiers and I will continue to expect great things from them,” said Sgt. 1st Class Kerry Walker, the company’s control supervisor and the supply activities platoon sergeant.

It exceeded all performance standards for fiscal year 2013 set forth by higher commands including the Department of the Army. It has maintained the highest standards even while providing support for major battalion training events such as Table VII and VIII certification, deep and enhanced maintenance, a convoy live fire exercise, and a battalion mission readiness exercise all in preparation for deployment.

Lt. Col. Maurice Barnett, battalion commander, said he was proud of all the soldiers in the platton.

“They have done an outstanding job earning the Department of the Army Service Excellence Award,” he said.

The platoon receives, processes, ships and accounts for more than $30 million in supplies. The most important factor is the level of skilled noncommissioned officers and junior enlisted soldiers, all subject matter experts.

“Some days we had to put in some long hours, work very hard, and help out the other sections to get the job done,” said Pfc. Joseph Green, a storage worker for the platoon. “It’s a good feeling knowing that all of our hard work was recognized by the Department of the Army.”

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