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Going green: U.S. commissaries add plastic bag recycling


Commissaries now have recycling bins customers can use to recycle any plastic bag, not just commissary bags.

“We are an environmentally conscious agency, and this is another step in the right direction as we seek new and innovative ways to become ‘greener,’” said Joseph H. Jeu, Defense Commissary Agency director and CEO, in an online news release.

Bags placed in bins will be combined with other plastic waste from the commissaries and shipped to recycling centers for processing.

Last year, DECA recycled almost 3 million pounds of plastic in commissaries, said Randy Eller, chief of the agency’s environmental and planning division.

“With this service to our customers, we will recycle even more plastic, keeping it out of landfills,” he said.

The new program is in addition to current recycling done in stores. In fiscal 2013, the agency recycled more than 139 million pounds of cardboard, plastic and paper. It has also diverted almost 13 million pounds of food waste, metal and wood from the waste stream, along with recycling 1 million pounds of organic waste.

The agency’s goal is to recycle 80 percent of all recyclable material generated in stores worldwide by the end of fiscal 2014.