Central Texas is the proud home of Fort Hood, the largest active-duty military installation in the free world. Each time I set foot on Fort Hood and interact with our nation’s soldiers, I am reminded of the strength, capability, courage and resolve of our men and women who wear the uniform. The U.S. soldier is second to none, and my top priority is, and always will be, taking care of our military, our veterans and their families.

The soldiers who train, live and work at Fort Hood are vital to our national security efforts. Home to III Corps, 1st Cavalry Division, First Army Division West, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, 13th Sustainment Command and others, Fort Hood is a premier military installation.

This year, we celebrate a pinnacle milestone for our very own III Corps as the Phantom Corps turns 100 years old today. Over the past century, III Corps has been a formidable force across the globe, and III Corps continues to be an unstoppable fighting force as they lead the charge against ISIS, commanding Operation Inherent Resolve in the Middle East. As we celebrate their 100th birthday, we reflect on the incredible warfighters of III Corps who have fought in and supported operations worldwide.

From the beginning of their history, III Corps has been taking the fight to the enemy and changing the course of conflict. Just two months after their activation in 1918, III Corps cut German rail supply lines and successfully forced German forces to retreat at the Third Battle of the Aisne, a key battle in the First World War. A few short decades later, as the Allies fought for freedom once more, III Corps played a pivotal role in the Battle of the Bulge and liberated over 100 towns during World War II. Then, in III Corps fashion, the Phantom Warriors stood at the ready to protect the nation against Soviet aggression throughout the duration of the Cold War.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, elements of III Corps have deployed repeatedly in support of the Global War on Terror. Currently, III Corps HQ is on its sixth deployment. I had the pleasure of traveling to Iraq the first week of May to visit III Corps troops. It was an honor to spend time with the soldiers who sacrifice so much each day to ensure the safety of our great country.

One hundred years after their founding, III Corps continues to live out their mission: “To be ready to deploy anywhere, anytime … and win!” I have no doubt that for many centuries to come, III Corps will continue to uphold American values and fight for the defense of our nation. I am so proud of the brave men and women of III Corps and I wish them a very happy 100th birthday.

U.S. Rep. John R. Carter, R-Round Rock

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