The III Corps Command Maintenance Evaluation and Training Team has been instrumental in supporting the Fort Hood sustainers and warfighters for more than a decade with training and mentorship of soldiers and leaders in the various levels of supply and maintenance operations.

The team, known as COMET is comprised of 18 retired military logistics professionals with more than 300 combined years of experience and each is a subject matter expert in their respective field.

The COMET Team is available for all active or reserve component units on and around Fort Hood and is focused on providing training opportunities to improve the logistics operations of commands by providing assistance visits, inspections and evaluations, classroom or small group training, and desk-side training.

“We offer training at the unit level on most aspects of unit level supply and maintenance operations. Training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the commander,” said Colleen Green, the deputy team chief and supply team lead for the COMET Team.

The COMET Team is a powerful tool for commanders to use to assess the status of their unit in the areas of supply and maintenance. The team will identify areas of weakness, issues and concerns and provide tailored individual/unit reinforcement training based off of each assessment. It is the mission of the COMET team to help prepare, sustain, and reset conventional lands forces to support combatant commanders’ requirements.

The team ensures they remain well abreast with current and updated regulations, field and technical manuals, and standard operating procedures to train other soldiers.

“When there is a new regulation that comes out, we have to key in on it and make sure that the information that we are putting out is current,” Green said. “If we’re not putting out the right information, it is not helping the soldiers.”

In addition to available training for the soldiers, unit commanders can contact the COMET Team and request courtesy inspections on their operations.

“When commanders request an inspection, the results are kept between us and the commander and we help them with resolutions,” said Carl Gordon, the maintenance team lead for the COMET Team. “When we go down to the unit, we identify trends or logistics issues they might have, and then we give them the tools to correct the deficiencies and help them along. We want to make sure the system gets healthy.”

Brig. Gen. Clark W. LeMasters Jr., commander of the 13th Sustainment Command and the senior logistician for Fort Hood, received a tour of the COMET facilities Feb. 4 and was impressed by the level of detail for all their training aids.

“We underutilize the COMET Team and the expertise that they bring to the installation,” LeMasters said. “The leaders around Fort Hood need to come over here and see what they have. These mock up rooms are what right looks like and our leaders and soldiers need to understand that.”

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