Army to set bar for each MOS as women enter more jobs

The Army is establishing gender-neutral standards to identify who is capable and qualified to get the job done — any job.

Combat fields opening to women will be the first to see the change, but standards will be set for every military occupational specialty.

Officials are adamant this will neither lower standards so women can qualify, nor raise standards to exclude them from certain jobs. The goal: Identify the physical requirements demanded of each MOS and use that measure as a go or no-go for entry into the career field regardless of gender.

Get all the details in this week’s Army Times, on newsstands now.

New center, school to bring signals, cyber, EW together

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno approved a new cyber school for soldiers to consolidate training of the Army’s growing cyber force in one location at Fort Gordon, Ga., the first step in what could be a significant reorganization of soldiers with connections to cyberspace operations.

The new Cyber Center of Excellence will incorporate the Signals Center of Excellence and unify training and modernization efforts for cyberspace operations, electronic warfare, cyber electromagnetic activity and cyber-related signals intelligence, Army officials said.

Training and Doctrine Command commander Gen. Robert W. Cone publicly called for the cyber school and also for a cyber career field, and plans to create the latter are underway. Read all about it in the July 1 issue of Army Times, on sale now.

Early-outs expand to Active Guard and Reserve officers

The 15-year early retirement option has been expanded to include federalized National Guard officers of the Active Guard and Reserve who are selected for involuntary separation because of the drawdown.

The option applies to federalized officers who have at least 15 but fewer than 20 years of active service, and who are selected for separation by an Army National Guard force shaping board. Army Secretary John McHugh issued a directive June 10 authorizing the option. The 15-year early retirement option, officially the Temporary Early Retirement Authority, was established by McHugh last fall as the Army prepared to launch a series of retention screening boards for officers and senior noncommissioned officers of the active and reserve components.

Find out more in the latest Army Times.

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