GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, along with partnered forces from Georgia and Romania, conducted a combined arms live-fire exercise at the Grafenwoehr live-fire training complex Friday.

“The (combined arms live fire exercise) is a dangerous event so synchronization is absolutely critical to ensure all our soldiers are safe,” said Sgt. 1st Class Ivan Alvira, the provost marshal noncommissioned officer in charge for the “Ironhorse” Brigade.

With so many moving pieces on the ground, Alvira said there were several keys to success for a safe day of training while on the range. First and foremost is solid communication. With multiple units conducting multiple missions simultaneously, it was critical that training observers checked in with the range safeties and officers-in-charge on a regular basis.

Also important was maintaining accurate reporting throughout the course of the live fire to ensure every soldier was physically accounted for, especially considering they moved so close to huge combat vehicles.

“We’ve got to make sure it’s all phased correctly ... to make sure everything is coordinated,” said Maj. Rasheed Muwwakil, the brigade engineer officer. Muwwakil is the officer-in-charge for two of the largest ranges during the training, encompassing tank main gun fire, Apache gun engagements, and TOW missile engagements.

Muwwakil wasn’t alone as he labored to ensure safety for the soldiers. Observer/control teams from the Joint Multinational Readiness Center and range safety officers added an additional level of safety to ensure soldiers weren’t unknowingly putting each other into harm’s way.

The combined arms live-fire exercise was the culminating training event for the Ironhorse brigade during the multi-national training exercise, Combined Resolve II.

Capt. Brian Haley, the assistant operations officer for the aviation battalion, and others from his unit played key roles during the live fire, providing Ironhorse soldiers a solid understanding of how the Army maneuvers in a combined arms fight.

Pvt. Brandon Tyree, a brigade infantryman, said the way all the pieces worked together was pretty cool.

“It shows you how great our Army is and lets you see the capabilities that we actually have,” he said.

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