KILLEEN — Soldiers went back to school this month, not as students, but as teachers.

Medics from the 1st “Charger” Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, attended the health science technology class April 25 at Robert M. Shoemaker High School to conduct medical training.

“We went over a lot of things like what to do when someone has a stroke or heart attack, how to use Epi pens and tourniquets,” said Spc. Jacob Rose, a medic. “A lot of it was a refresher for the students because they’ve been going over it the week before we got there.”

Many of the students in the class will be pursuing careers in the medical field and were able to get valuable hands-on training with some of the tools that are commonly used.

“When we can have professionals from the real world come in and demonstrate the skills and have the students practice those skills, the level of learning is elevated tremendously,” said Charlie Gipson, principles of health science instructor at the school.

Students had the opportunity to take the training they received and become CPR certified by the medics. They had to assess a situation and correctly perform the steps of CPR until emergency help arrived.

“Everyone did really well,” said Sgt. Robert Lingerfelt, a medic. “Some of them were a little nervous at first, but once we talked them through the steps, they didn’t have any problems and we got to certify more than half the class.”

Gipson was grateful the soldiers came to train the students. “When we were all done I asked them if they would like to have the soldiers come back again ... When you see their heads raise up, their eyes get wide open, smile and say ‘yes’, ... then that tells me right there, their first experience was valuable and meaningful to them. If these kids want somebody to come back, then that means it was a good experience for them the first time.”

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