KILLEEN — The U.S. Army promoted the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9191 commander to the rank of chief warrant officer 5 during a ceremony at the post headquarters on Friday.

Carlo S. Davis is a targeting officer for III Corps and is also the only active-duty Army VFW postcommander. He was promoted by his wife Lee Ann Davis, and former supervisor Col. Davis Trotter of U.S. Army North.

He has served in the Army for 26 years and worked his way through the enlisted ranks from private to sergeant first class before attending the warrant officer basic course. He is now one of only 24 soldiers in the field artillery branch in the U.S. Army to hold the rank of chief warrant officer 5. The rank is one of the rarest to achieve in the Army, with approximately 2 or 3 percent of officers achieving it throughout the course of their career.

Col. William McKnight administered the oath of office.

Carlo said attaining the rank brought forth a lot of emotions.

“It’s a lot of reflection for me, it’s very humbling and I am overwhelmed with joy,” he said. “I’ve busted my butt ever since I’ve been in the service and did everything I was supposed to do and what the Army said I was supposed to do.”

He said seeing his name on the promotion list was like having a bag of heavy weights lifted from his shoulders because the burden of having to prove himself and gain the trust and confidence of new leaders is not as severe.

“When somebody sees a CW5 they know this guy knows his stuff,” Carlo said.

He had some advice for fellow warrant officers or others looking for success in the warrant officer branch.

“You have to know and do your job, better yourself with civilian education and stay on top of your military education,” He said. “Finally, get good report cards; if you do the other three, the good report cards will come.”

Carlo said good report cards refer to the military professional evaluation system.

Trotter recently completed a deployment to the Middle East with Carlo. He said there was probably no one in the field artillery branch that had as much dedication and commitment as Carlo.

“We met when we were preparing for a series of warfighting exercises and one thing that we noticed was that our targeting process wasn’t that good,” Trotter said. “Chief is an expert in that and when I first met him, and we started discussing how do we do this, he knew, and he could lead and guide the corps on how to do this.”

Trotter said Carlo was targeting ISIS in the past and used that expertise to prepare and lead the corps on how to do effectively target ISIS in its last deployment.

“We redeployed and now ISIS isn’t really that much of a threat today,” Trotter said. “Why is that? It has a lot to do with his ability to teach people how to target, and we destroyed ISIS over the last three years, and it’s guys like chief that actually made that happen.”

Carlo said since returning from deployment he was nominated and elected as the local VFW commander. He said it doesn’t conflict with his military duties.

“It’s nonprofit, it’s a volunteer organization there’s no political bias that the VFW associates itself with, we don’t say we are Republicans or Democrats; we’re veterans,” he said.

He said returning home and picking up the VFW position was challenging because the first year home is supposed to be a reboot period, but giving back to the community and helping veterans was fulfilling.

“I’m always busy in the community doing stuff,” he said.“My refit and reboot time are me in the community doing work; that satisfies me.”

Carlo said he plans on serving for an additional four years in the Army and plans on retiring to spend more time with his family.

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