Scarlett Landry, 4, is the biggest tomboy, according to her father, Spc. Cory Landry of Fort Hood’s 1st Medical Brigade.

She likes cars and fire trucks, Cory said.

Unfortunately, Scarlett also has a rare metabolic disorder that keeps her body from properly regulating her blood sugar.

When the Make-a-Wish Foundation decided to grant Scarlett’s wish to see snow, the organization also wanted to hold a festive send-off.

Robin McNutt of Make-a-Wish arranged for Scarlett and her family to celebrate her birthday at Chili’s on Fort Hood, “The only place Scarlett wants to go,” according to her mother, Terrin Barker-Thomas.

Chili’s manager and staff took it from there, McNutt said.

Fort Hood’s police and fire departments got involved, and last Thursday, Scarlett and her family arrived at the post fire station to find the ladder truck up and a welcome sign hung on another fire engine.

Even Sparky the fire dog was there, McNutt said. “Sparky was a very big hit with Scarlett.”

The family received a tour of the station and both Scarlett and her sister received badges, making them honorary firefighters and police officers.

Scarlett and her sister Delainy Barker-Thomas, 7, rode in a fire engine with Sparky to Chili’s. There, the staff was wearing grey t-shirts with “Team Scarlett” printed on them. The family received T-shirts to wear, as well.

A sign welcoming Scarlett was hung behind her table. Fort Hood police and firefighters were invited to share the meal.

“The community pulled together and made this a very special send-off for Scarlett,” McNutt said.

“It was awesome, an amazing day,” Cory said.

Next for the family is a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado, where Scarlett will have a chance to play in the snow, learn to ski and build a snowman, all provided by the Make-a-Wish Foundation. | 254-501-7568

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