Soldiers of the 104th Engineer Company, 62nd Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade are constructing seven new functional fitness courses. Locations include West Fort Hood, Division West, 48th Chemical Brigade, 11th Signal Brigade, III Corps, and Kieschnick Physical Fitness Center.

Each course will have multiple obstacles available to soldiers and their families for physical training on Fort Hood.

“These functional fitness centers will essentially be kin to the air assault obstacle course, not the same, but similar,” said 1st Lt. Benjamin Speckhart, the unit executive officer of the 104th Engineer Company.

“The obstacles being installed, like the pull-up bars, dip bars, cargo nets and rope climbs, will vary the way soldiers do (physical training) in the mornings.”

The specific purpose of the courses is to improve a soldier’s ability to perform everyday tasks.

“Functional fitness, also known as operational fitness, is designed with the soldier in mind,” said Maj. Gen. Anthony Ierardi, the 1st Cavalry Division commander and senior post commander. “It is intended to improve the body’s ability to perform everyday activities, rather than isolating muscle groups like traditional workouts.”

These new courses are being constructed to provide a new direction in physical fitness for soldiers.

“The units on Fort Hood are high-performing organizations and deserve the very best we can offer in preparing them for the stress of combat,” Ierardi said.

The 104th Engineer Company prepared for the project for about two months.

“We have known that we would be tasked with this project for a few months now, but could not start any in-depth planning, since we did not have any details at that point,” Speckhart said.

“We started in-depth planning around September.”

Engineers are working to accomplish the task by Dec. 20.

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