Some branches of the U.S. Army have a saint or patron to watch over and protect their soldiers.

When these soldiers significantly contribute to the operational success, or the morale and welfare of the branch, they are awarded medallions that represent the saint.

Chief Warrant Officer-5 Robert Harman, the ordinance and logistics officer for III Corps, was knighted into the honorable order of Saint George with the Noble Patron of Armor on March 5 at the 1st Cavalry Division Headquarters.

Harman was recognized for his honorable service to the armor branch while serving in the division, and was admitted to the order as a distinguished knight.

“None of this is possible without the soldiers, (noncommissioned officers) and leaders,” Harman said. “Without them, it wouldn’t have happened.”

The Noble Patron of Armor award was created in 1986 as a way to recognize outstanding supporters of the armor force.

For more than four years, Harman served with the First Team as a maintenance officer — both with a brigade and at division headquarters.

Brig. Gen. James Richardson, deputy commander for III Corps and Fort Hood, said, “When I was the (the division’s deputy commander for support), I would ask (Harman), what he was doing for the brigades — and he would give me a lottery list of things.”

Brig. Gen. Laura Richardson thanked Harman for all his hard work and dedication to the division while he was assigned.

Only soldiers not of the armor branch are authorized to receive the award.

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