Soldiers from 13th Sustainment Command hosted a group of Boy Scouts and leaders from Troop 845 from Coppell for a tour of Fort Hood on Nov. 16.

The visit is part of an on-going program with Boy Scout troops from across the state to help introduce them to military culture, overcome challenges, work on team building and learn about Fort Hood history.

The Boy Scouts received a class from Sgt. Derrick Palmer on military drill and ceremonies and had a full meal at the Black Jack Dining Facility. They also visited the 1st Cavalry Division’s Horse Cavalry Detachment, the 1st Cavalry Division Museum and participated in a team building challenge at the 1st Cavalry Division obstacle course featuring the high wall, a balance beam and a rope wall.

Spc. Collin Rush, a wheeled-vehicle mechanic with the command’s Headquarters and Headquarters Company, helped the team of noncommissioned officers touring the troop around.

“I just like being around the next generation of America, just kids in general,” Rush said. “They could be a next-generation soldier and if I can get one of them interested (in serving), my job’s done.”

The troop scout master, Gary Scott, and his group drove three hours in their personal convoy from the Dallas area to take part in the opportunity.

“I like the boys to have an experience they don’t get to have at home,” Scott said. “To have a real-world obstacle course that Army personnel have trained on, then to show the boys how to overcome their fear with the challenges, it’s just great,”

Once the troop moved on to the museum, the Boy Scouts took a few moments to read and try to understand the history set before them, paying particular attention to the section dedicated to Medal of Honor recipients.

“We appreciate everything that the armed forces do for our country. To allow these young guys the chance just to spend a day or two with soldiers is something they won’t ever forget,” Scott said.

“This one will be etched in their brains for a lifetime.”

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