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The Red Cross began the new year in Building 288, at the intersection of 37th Street and Battalion Avenue. The more central location makes it easier to soldiers to find and access services, an official said.

The new location of the Fort Hood Red Cross makes it easier for soldiers to find and access emergency services, an official said last week.

“Things have been going really well. We’re centrally located now,” said Laura Read, senior station manager for the Fort Hood American Red Cross. “It’s easier for the soldier to get to us when they need us.”

The Red Cross began the new year in Building 288, at the intersection of 37th Street and Battalion Avenue. However, that move, too, will likely be temporary as there is a proposed plan to move the Red Cross into the current Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center after the new hospital opens next year, Read said.

The Red Cross plays an important role for soldiers who may have a relative pass away or other emergency.

“What the Army looks for us to do is verification of emergency messaging,” Read said.

The Fort Hood Red Cross also runs a volunteer program, including many retired nurses and doctors who volunteer at Darnall. Last week, more than 220 volunteers were on the local list, Read said.

The Red Cross office moved out of The Reynolds House — a Fort Hood landmark and former ranch house built 99 years ago — last December.

“Basically, the Reynolds House was in disrepair,” Read said, adding when it rained outside, the house would leak.

The historic house near the Warrior Way Commissary was built decades before Fort Hood was established in the 1940s.

Plans to save the Reynolds House are in the works, post officials said. Read more in next week’s Fort Hood Herald..

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