Soldiers of 4th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, learn about suicide prevention and conflict resolution May 23 during safety day.


Soldiers and spouses of the 4th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, recently gathered in the battalion motor pool May 23 for an event filled with informative safety classes on a variety of topics to prepare for summer.

Staff Sgt. Jordan Cullen, a battery level Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Prevention representative and co-instructor of the sexual assault prevention class, expressed his hope that the soldiers learned enough to stay alive and well during the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

These words reflected the overall intent behind the unit event — to prevent harm to soldiers and families by raising awareness of seasonal safety concerns and addressing safety issues occurring throughout Fort Hood.

The day consisted of a diverse set of safety classes to cover all aspects of summer living, including water safety, drown proofing, heat injury prevention, information assurance, sexual assault prevention, suicide prevention, domestic violence/conflict resolution, privately owned weapons, privately owned vehicle and motorcycle accident prevention, and sexually transmitted disease prevention.

In-depth classes such as the sexual assault prevention, suicide prevention, and information assurance awareness were modeled off annual training soldiers receive through Armywide programs.

Another class many soldiers found helpful was the privately owned weapons class, which informed soldiers of Texas gun laws.

Each battery acted as its own group and rotated in scheduled order through the 30-minute classes while instructors remained posted at their respective stations.

Spc. Brandy Parman, a soldier in Delta Battery, said, “The classes were very educational but also engaging and fun. The diversity of the classes made the day, as a whole, more interesting.”

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