Sgt. Markeshia Williamson, a human resources sergeant with the 502nd Human Resources Company, 4th Special Troops Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade, was recognized for her selfless service.

Williamson served as an administration clerk in a financial management support unit in Korea before moving to the Wrangler Brigade in 2012. Soon after, she deployed to Kuwait. Despite the change, Williamson felt she was prepared.

“From my previous (human resources) experience, I felt I was at an advantage as now I was able to learn another aspect of the Adjutant Generals’ Corps,” she said. “Being here at (the company), I have learned a lot about postal and it has shown me that there are more opportunities out there for HR soldiers than just being in (a human resources) section.”

While deployed to Kuwait, Williamson learned about other opportunities the Army had to offer.

In a nine-month span, Williamson participated in multiple boards and won three of them, including the 135th Sustainment Command Noncommissioned Officer-of-the-Year board. When she redeployed to Fort Hood in 2013, Williamson participated in the 4th Special Troops Battalion NCO of the year board and won that as well.

According to Williamson, her start in Korea and the NCOs around her during the deployment motivated her to pursue these boards.

“I think what motivates me is still having the mindset I had when at one time I was the only HR soldier in an entire unit,” she said. “With no other HR soldiers around, it made me become resourceful and learn regulations on my own, which continues to help me, alongside team support.”

Not only was she resourceful during boards, but also resourceful in the community she encompassed. Through her heavy involvement with volunteering at Korean orphanages, serving food to children during the holidays and participating at special needs facilities, Williamson earned her Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.

Through her volunteering in Korea and overseas, she says it truly opened up her eyes to the bigger picture of selfless service, one of the seven Army values.

“It was shocking to see that struggle and hardships occur in not just our country but in multiple countries. It gives you an appreciation for your country and the opportunities we are given as Americans,” she said.

Williamson aspires to one day obtain her goal of becoming a drill sergeant and a future inductee into the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club. Williamson knows her goals are not easy to achieve, but as she has learned over the years through volunteering and preparing for the boards, nothing in life is easy.

“Anything in life worth having is going to be a struggle,” she said. “Through motivation, dedication, and family support all things are possible.”

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