After months of preparation, the 589th Brigade Support Battalion, 41st Fires Brigade, is finally moving motor pools so renovations can begin. All of the vehicles, equipment and shipping containers were moved from one motor pool near 31st Street to a provisional home near 63rd Street last month.

The battalion, along with the two batteries with which it shares the motor pool, moved to the former motor pool of 3rd Brigade Engineer Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.

“(The engineer battalion) is moving out of their motor pool, and we will be back-filling them into their motor pool,” said Maj. Andrew Smith, the 589th support operations officer. “We will occupy for about 12 months while the current motor pool is renovated.”

Over the next year, the 589th’s old motor pool will go through major changes.

The buildings will get new roofs, air conditioning units and more office space, said Brent Cabaniss, a mechanical engineer with the Fort Hood Directorate of Public Works.

In the months leading up to the move, 589th worked to ensure they would have the time to set up the new motor pool.

The most difficult task was getting vehicles serviced ahead of schedule, said 1st Lt. Jim Noblin, the executive officer of Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 41st Fires Brigade.

Vehicles are scheduled for routine maintenance and have a time frame in which it must be completed.

“November and December we were trying to get ahead as much as possible and as much as the service window would allow,” Noblin said. “If there was something due in January, and if we could get done in December, we would.”

Now that the move is complete, soldiers are spending time setting up their work areas.

“We will still be able to continue our mission whether we are here or down the road. Things won’t change once we are up and operational,” Smith said.

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