Infantrymen with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, trained and qualified gunnery Table XII Oct. 17 using the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

This month’s training built on gunnery tables conducted earlier this year.

“The guys are very good at what they do,” said 2nd Lt. Scott Severance, a platoon leader with the company. “They’re very proficient at it.”

This table evaluated dismounted soldiers’ tactical and gunnery skills on stationary and moving targets over a period of four days and three nights.

“I’m kind of anxious to figure out what all I get to do,” said Pvt. Brandon Mealer, a dismounted infantryman. “This is what I signed up for. It’s my job, and I like it.”

The trooper’s training and qualifications required each platoon’s four crews to execute a mission together. The platoons were evaluated on their execution of collective tasks within a live-fire environment.

The purpose was to form a cohesive platoon and maneuver through the range to attack the enemy as a unit, said Sgt. Nelson Rosa, an infantryman.

Severance said it’s basically the platoon leaders working with their platoons and that it was going to be a good learning experience for him.

Mounted crew members engaged enemy threats when possible. When it was not practical for the Bradley to engage, the dismounted infantrymen were informed of the issue, and they exited the vehicle to handle it — such as clearing a house or a gulch.

“Whenever they need us, we’ll dismount, clear a trench, clear a bunker ... and just make sure we are executing to standard,” said Sgt. Anthony Johnson, a team chief. The table was not timed, but it does have a high standard of completing each task.

“I feel we’ve done pretty good — I mean we’ve had new guys come in, and they’ve pretty much just picked up right where we left off before,” Johnson said. “There’s really no lagging in any areas.”

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