Outgoing commander of the 120th Infantry Brigade, Col. Timothy Bush, said he will “rest soundly” knowing the mission is taken care of as he bid farewell to the Bayonet Brigade.

During a ceremony June 4 at Cameron Field, Bush passed the colors to his successor after 24 months in command of the 120th Infantry Brigade, First Army Division West.

“I’ve been honored to walk among you and I will cherish your teamwork and friendship,” Bush said during the ceremony. “No brigade commander has ever been more blessed than I to lead such a talented group.”

During Bush’s tenure as the brigade’s commander he oversaw the mobilization of more than 171 units totaling more than 14,200 soldiers and the demobilization operations of more than 151 units totaling more than 10,300 soldiers deployed in support of contingency operations in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Africa, Europe and South America.

Bush will become First Army’s director of operations in Rock Island, Ill.

Maj. Gen. Warren Phipps Jr., First Army Division West commander, oversaw the command change and described Bush as a constant professional field artillery officer who will be sorely missed.

“While it’s always tough to bid farewell to a strong command team and their great families from our ranks, it’s that traditional time to hand over the colors to the new command team and their family,” Phipps said. “I know that First Army Division West will soon learn how lucky we are to have (Bush) as the (operations director) for First Army. This change is a win-win for the Fort Hood community and First Army.”

Taking command of the brigade is Col. Daniel Hurlbut, who served as operations chief of Division West for the past 12 months.

“We’re excited about taking command. We’re looking forward to the missions ahead,” Hurlbut said. “There’s a strong chance that our missions will expand in scope, so we’ve got a lot of work to do but it’s going to be fun.”

Phipps said the Army selected “the best man” to take command of the 120th.

“I’m fully confident in your leadership, confidence and character,” he told Hurlbut. “The 120th Infantry Brigade will again be in great hands.”

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