Going over supplies

Chief Warrant Officer-3 Nicholas Culjat, the 311th Sustainment Command's support operations materiel readiness branch chief, advises Lt. Col. Dan Toole, the 311th’s support operations mobility officer-in-charge, on current levels of supply.

U.S. Army/Capt. Sarah Bennett

The 311th Sustainment Command participated in exercise “Unified Endeavor” this month at North Fort Hood. The exercise included both live and computer-aided virtual events, all focused on mission command training.

The 311th coordinated its efforts on the Central European Time zone with U.S. Army units based in the United States, Poland, Norway and Germany.

Working through numerous challenges as a unit, the 311th focused on resupply scenarios, retrograde operations and force protection, each testing the unit’s pivotal role in its upcoming deployment. Training replicated logistical operations throughout the Combined Joint Operational Area-Afghanistan.

“The exercise stressed mission command and made us more agile in our mission command functions,” said Col. Andrew Wichers, the 311th’s deputy commander. “That increase in efficiency makes us better logisticians and leads to better support of the operational environment owners.”

Once in theater, the 311th will be responsible for providing every class of supply within its area of operations, like managing the daily consumption of 1.54 million gallons of fuel and managing more than 86,000 containers within the country.

The 120th Infantry Brigade provided support to the 311th’s training at North Fort Hood, ensuring its readiness for deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The brigade provides the needed information First Army requires to validate the 311th prior to deployment.

These types of operations are not new to the 120th since, as the operations brigade at Fort Hood, it routinely trains Army Reserve and National Guard units that are mobilized for deployment worldwide.

The 120th is set to train more than 55 units throughout 2013 for various operations around the globe.

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