Soldiers of the 96th Transportation Company, 49th Transportation Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command, took training from the Combat Life Saver Course and applied it to two simulated combat scenarios at the Medical Simulation Training Center on Oct. 16.

Soldiers in full combat gear were given paintball guns to simulate real weapons. They also had to perform proper care for a casualty, such as restoring breathing and controlling bleeding, casualty movement under direct fire, and correctly applying a tourniquet in a hostile environment.

Soldiers had to complete the two scenarios to receive a certificates of completion for attending the course, which also included a 40-hour block of instruction they received two weeks prior.

Pvt. Jaishaun Driver was selected as the platoon sergeant for a group of 12 soldiers who had to navigate the scenarios.

“It was very difficult. It’s a lot of pressure placed against you but I had to lead the team,” Driver said.

As the platoons navigated through the course, the medics who taught the life saver class, watched over them and assisted with the course when needed. Sgt. Adam Small, a medic with the brigade’s 4th Special Troops Battalion, said the course gave them a small taste of what can really happen in a combat environment.

“It’s an opportunity to make them aware of what can happen in a combat situation and it’s about as real as we can make it,” Small said.

As the soldiers finished the course, tired and exhausted, they felt more confident in their ability to execute what they have learned in the course and apply it in a real life combat environment.

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