Wrangler soldiers from the 53rd Quarter Master Company, 553rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command, set up a refuel on the move training exercise Nov. 22, near training areas Brook Haven and Curry Mortar Complex.

The training event was for soldiers to set up in the field as quickly and efficiently as possible to gain experience on how to properly assemble the area.

“Preparing (this exercise) is not the same as setting up a fuel point,” said Sgt. Charles Plater, the noncommissioned officer-in-charge of the event. A fuel point is an operation that fills vehicles completely and is performed in a relatively safe environment, he said.

“(Refueling on the move) is used during a combat environment to quickly fill vehicles with enough fuel to finish their mission, using a timing method for different vehicles.”

Humvees visiting the site were only given 30 seconds of fuel before they were told to leave the fueling area, but medium vehicles were given one minute to refuel.

The site consisted of one fuel truck, with several hoses, leading out to different areas about 50 feet away from the truck and 20 feet from each fueling point. Because this was supposed to be treated as a tactical environment, soldiers were also placed along the perimeter of the truck to provide security, just like a real combat situation.

Warrant Officer Ricardo Silva, from the 553rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, said the site is supposed to be fully operational in 15-20 minutes. Wrangler soldiers were able to assemble their site in about 20 minutes even though most of the soldiers had never assembled a fuel point and were dealing with difficult weather conditions.

“We are trying to get back to the basics of (military occupational specialty) specific training by doctrine, in a tactical environment,” Silva said. “We have trained on this in the motor pool but never in a field environment, timed, with different weather conditions.”

With the last vehicle fueled, soldiers began to quickly disassemble the site with speed and precision, knowing exactly what to do after filling about 24 vehicles.

“It was a success for us, and if we ever have to come do this again we are going to be able to set this (refueling point) up even faster,” Plater said.

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