LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan — On a typical day at Forward Operating Base Gamberi, Afghanistan, Sgt. 1st Class Michelle John, the career counselor for the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, can be found bustling around, talking to commanders and soldiers, looking for eligible candidates to re-enlist.

When she isn’t re-enlisting soldiers, she is busy managing the base’s post exchange.

During her down time, she spends her spare time creating works of art. John, a 34-year-old from New Hampton, Iowa, has long enjoyed passing her free time painting and sketching. Though a seventh grade art class was the beginning of her fascination with creating artwork, she attributes her gift to her family.

“My dad can eye something, sketch it out and recreate it flawlessly from scratch. My mom should have been an interior decorator. She has the ability to completely transform a room and renovate a house. My oldest son Keagan is quite the little artist himself,” John said.

John’s artistic side can be hidden by the fact that she is also an accomplished athlete, basketball coach and mother of two boys, Tyree and Keagan. She is modest about her artwork and only reveals her pieces to her closest friends and colleagues.

“I’ve had friends come over and eye artwork on my wall. They ask where I bought the painting from, of which I simply tell them to turn the canvas over,” John said. “The looks on their faces are priceless.”

She has had many friends request paintings or new works of art. She gladly creates them and refuses any commission.

“I don’t ever see myself charging for my artwork. It is part of me and the emotions that I feel while creating it,” she said. “Why would I charge anyone for that?”

John is known as her battalion’s practical jokester. She’s been known to place pebbles in the shoes of various soldiers in the unit, including some of the senior noncommissioned officers.

The 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion’s Command Sgt. Maj. Maurice Greening was taken aback after seeing her artwork. He was so impressed that he requested that she replicate one of her pieces for him.

“It is absolutely amazing at the detail in her painting. She’s a truly talented painter,” Greening said.

John is inspired by Claude Monet, a French artist and key figure responsible for the Impressionist movement.

“I love Monet paintings and try to do redo them, or a version of them,” she said. “His style of painting allows you to be more free with your brush strokes and not as exact in detail and still have an incredible painting emerge.”

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