CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait — A ceremony was held Saturday to commemorate the transfer of authority from Fort Bliss’s 4th Battalion, 501st Attack-Reconnaissance Battalion, Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Armored Division, to the 4th Battalion, 227th Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division.

The traditional event, which was held at the remote base just 15 miles from the Iraq border, is a visual symbol of the transfer from one command to another as one unit’s guidon is cased for the trip home and another is unfurled for the mission ahead.

The Fort Bliss battalion, nicknamed the “Pistoleros,” is headed home after a nine-month deployment. The incoming Fort Hood battalion will serve as the Attack-Reconnaissance Battalion for the 36th Combat Aviation Brigade of the Texas Army National Guard, headquartered in Austin.

During its deployment, the Pistoleros Battalion worked with seven countries in the region and partnered with the Kuwaiti air force on a regular basis. Joint operations with the U.S. Navy and Air Force were a highlight of the tour, including working off of the USS Stennis, USS Ponce, USS Rushmore, USS Green Bay and the RFA Cardigan Bay of the Royal Navy.

Fort Hood’s 4th Battalion deployed to the Middle East with its Apache helicopters to conduct security cooperation, joint exercises and training. Partnership events scheduled with nearby countries also promote security, stability and mutual interests in the region.

“Sir, Guns Attack is ready to take the mission,” said Lt. Col. Hank Perry, battalion commander. “We will tirelessly posture for contingencies, partner with the Kuwaiti Air Force Apache squadrons, and maximize every enabler we can to train and sustain our individual and collective skills.”

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