It was an emotional Monday morning at Cooper Field, as soldiers of 1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade Headquarters were reunited with their families after a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan.

“He gets to come home to meet his son,” said Krystle Harris, wife of Joseph Harris, a truck driver with the brigade.

Krystle Harris said she was pregnant when her husband left, but because of complications during the delivery, he got to come visit for five days.

“A lot changes in those four months, so he’s kind of getting to meet him for the first time,” she said.

Brig. Gen. Robert Whittle, deputy commander for home station for the division headquarters, addressed the crowd.

“It’s great to see these colors unfold on the field,” Whittle said. “We are extremely proud of you; to our families, you make us Cav Strong; to all be safe and take care of each other. We need you.”

During the deployment, Staff Sgt. John W. Perry, 30, of Stockton, California, and Pfc. Tyler R. Lubelt,

20, of Tamaroa, Illinois, died and 10 soldiers were injured in an apparent suicide bomber attack Nov. 12 at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, north of Kabul, the Afghan capital.

Sgt. 1st Class Allan E. Brown, of Takoma Park, Maryland, died Dec. 6 at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, of injuries suffered during the attack.

For more on the homecoming, read Wednesday’s Fort Hood Herald.

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