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Sgt. 1st Class Ramone T. Holmes, Company A, Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, III Corps is a combat engineer for III Corps.

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Sgt. 1st Class Ramone T. Holmes, Alpha Company, Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, III Corps is a combat engineer. Holmes, 39, is deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan, where he works in the International Security Assistance Force’s Joint Command Counter improvised explosive device cell. He has previously deployed four times to Iraq. This is his first deployment to Afghanistan.

Favorite thing about the military: “Training soldiers. I just enjoy seeing a soldier get from point A to point B — seeing them grow in maturity and responsibility and just them having the security knowing that they can perform different tasks.”

Things the Army taught you: “Discipline, leadership, patience ... definitely.”

What inspired you to be a soldier?

“Family. I was a single parent at the time, so that’s why. I had a scholarship, gave it up (and) joined the Army (to be able to support my family).”

What’s this deployment been like?

“Stressful at times. It can also be rewarding when you see what you’re doing out there for the Afghans. “

What do you enjoy most about your deployment and the mission you’re supporting?

“The difference of moving from a combat mission to a staff mission. It’s a ... different environment from being out there on the line to being here in a staff organization.”

What do you miss most about Fort Hood and your family?

“Everything! Green grass. No rocks. Everything. I miss my family. My wife is my best friend, and when you have a wife that’s your best friend, it doesn’t matter how far you’re apart, or how many hours you’ve missed them. That’s what I miss most about her — being there and just being able to see her each and every day.”

Compiled by Sarah Rafique

and Master Sgt. Jacob Caldwell

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