3rd Cav helps with soldier training

Leaders from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, along with U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command and Afghan National Army, pose for a group photo at Fort Benning during a tour of the Maneuver Center of Excellence. This program is designed to offer the ANA a different perspective on soldier training. 

LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Maj. Michael Provencher of 3rd Cavalry Regiment traveled with five Afghan National Army leaders to a weeklong training event in mid-January. Provencher, along with U.S. Training and Doctrine Command leaders, showed the Afghan army leaders the Maneuver Center of Excellence located at Fort Benning, Ga.

The 3rd Cavalry Regiment has been training, advising and assisting the Afghans since July 2014. This trip to the United States offered the Afghans a better picture of what U.S. training looks like.

The Afghan’s 203rd Corps Commander, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Sharif Yaftali, was the highest ranking member of the group. In October, coalition leadership deemed Yaftali’s corps capable enough to operate on their own without daily U.S. and coalition assistance. Currently, Yaftali’s corps only receives expeditionary advisory visits a couple times a month to discuss progression of his corps.

The tour of Fort Benning included a visit to basic combat training for new enlistees, combatives training, officer candidate school, basic officer leader’s course, the noncommissioned officer’s academy and the maneuver captain’s career course.

“This trip will give the Afghans a different perspective on their own soldiers’ training,” Provencher said. “Due to different training environments the (Afghan army) training is not an exact mirror of the United States, but there are similarities, just as U.S. leaders go to numerous other countries to participate in developmental schools and training exercises to give a more worldly look to improve our own methods.”

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