PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan — With elements of the 2nd “Black Jack” Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, spread across multiple regions of Afghanistan, the brigade commander, Col. Robert Whittle Jr., relies on multiple command assets to provide him with an overall view of the battlefield.

The brigade’s 2nd “Spartans” Brigade Special Troops Battalion, located in Kandahar province, is one of those valuable assets maintaining brigade intelligence and support throughout the southern region of Afghanistan as a tactical assistance command, said Lt. Col. Archie Herndon, battalion commander.

Parts of three Black Jack battalions currently conduct security, intelligence and logistical support in the south, he said.

“We serve as a command and control for the brigade in the southern part of Afghanistan, tracking and facilitating Black Jack operations here so we can provide Col. Whittle with critical information,” Herndon said.

Logistical support is key as the tactical assistance command receives necessary supplies from other surrounding units, while coordinating with other Black Jack assets to provide them with any supplies they may need, said Staff Sgt. Toya West, battalion logistical noncommissioned officer-in-charge.

“As we receive property and turn-ins we ensure any equipment that can be utilized by the brigade we get it to them or our outlining units,” West said.

With no real constraints on logistical matters, as the drawdown continues

and support for the brigade goes up, they are prepared to handle any situation, West said.

Herndon agreed, saying he has full confidence in his young team, “They have a lot of potential, can absorb knowledge and handle any added responsibilities the brigade deems necessary.”

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