Troops train Afghan police

An Afghan Uniformed Police Quick Reaction Force officer proudly displays his diploma after graduating a police training course in Kabul, Afghanistan. Task Force Centurion military police conducted the eight-week course, which focused on riot-control, building-clearing, and first-aid.

U.S. Army/Capt. Marvin J. Baker

KABUL, Afghanistan — More than 40 Afghan Uniformed Police in the Kabul Quick Reaction Force marked the completion of an eight-week training course led by Task Force Centurion’s 508th Military Police Company with an Afghan-led graduation ceremony Jan. 12 at Camp Julien.

The ceremony included remarks from Brig. Gen. William Hall, commander of Task Force Centurion and 136th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Texas Army National Guard, and Lt. Gen. Salangi, Kabul City chief of police.

“The training you have received has made you competent and confident for your mission,” Hall said to the graduates. “As you accept this challenging career, I remind you that hard is not hopeless.”

Salangi has worked with coalition forces for the past four years developing a strong police force, which has doubled in size and is now more able to contribute to the city’s and the country’s security.

“I am very glad we are at the fourth stage of transition from an International Security Assistance Force to an Afghan National Security Force,” Salangi said. “We have to be ready to fight insurgents and serve the people of Kabul in the future.”

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