RODRIGUEZ LIVE FIRE COMPLEX, South Korea — Members of 3rd Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division held gunnery Feb. 5-8 at Rodriguez Live Fire Complex. The gunnery, which will be one of the last for 1st Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division will conduct before rotating out, included training for Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Abrams tanks. Soldiers of “Warhorse” Battalion are on a nine-month rotation to South Korea and currently fall under 1st Brigade.

“We have to be a team of three doing three jobs equally well to ensure we stay alive in a combat situation,” said 1st Lt. Mitch Figgat, a platoon leader with Bravo Company. “That team cohesion is built by spending hours and hours in the brad, syncing movements and engaging targets. A lot of training has to be done because that communication has to be extremely efficient and succinct.”

To perform their jobs equally well, the crew members learn each other’s duties to ensure everyone is ready to perform any position when necessary, Figgat said.

“The cross training goes as far as the dismounted squads,” said Staff Sgt. Jose Trejo, Bravo’s master gunner. “The squads will come out and train with some of the mounted guys; the crew will train the squad to task and go over scenarios or any gunnery skills that the mounted guys would do out here. We are never supposed to have a block where we cannot fill a Bradley crew position.”

All the crews arrived here from Fort Hood already qualified, Figgat said. This gunnery was an opportunity for the crews to perfect their skills in order to be ready to fight tonight.

“Upon successful completion of the gunnery, the lethality of the crew will fully developed,” Trejo said. “The commander knows at any given time he can call that crew, push that platoon or section forward, and know that they will engage and destroy the enemy with that vehicle.”

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